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Katrine May Hansen (born 1979, in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a writer, artist, teacher, body therapist, mentor and entrepeneur.

She has travelled, worked and lived all over the world the past 17 years, and currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Katrine has written 3 books and appears in various magazines, with poetry, comments, articles and short stories and well as being a sought after public speaker in both Denmark and Asia.

She is a mentor for women start-ups in both Denmark, Brasil and Indonesia.

Katrine is a sought after body therapist and has her own high end clinic in the center of Copenhagen. She also travels all over the world to teach courses in massage therapy, non-invasive facelift technique, cooking, and functional training.

To contact, please write to my assistant Charlotte Rindom at – please include topic and location in the subject line (eg. LA Literary Festival, november 2016)

If urgent ONLY, call my cell at +45 20631509

Click here for pictures of past events – please email for high res

Please note that I, at the moment is only taking high end charities or high paying jobs


Exhibitions and publications:

2010 – ”Kaleidoskop” Poetry and art (collaboration with artist Iman Suligi, Indonesia)

2011 – ”Lovetrust” poetry collection

2011 – ”November” a storytelling show with storyteller Kasper Sorensen, Denmark

2012 – Winner of the national sonet contest, staged on the Royal Danish Playhouse

2012 – ”Creative Writing” workbook of creative writing

2013 – ”A scarf is a scarf is a scarf”, photo exhibition, Copenhagen Square and other venues

2015 – Editor of ”Futuriblerne”, magazine for Future Studies

2015 – ”Stryg” novel

2016 – ”The Friend Book”, photo exhibition, Copenhagen Square (TBA)

2016 – Photo exhibition at George Town Arts Festival (august), Malaysia

2016 – ”Women’s Circle”, storytelling, Muhammadiyah University of Jember, Indonesia (TBA)


2003 – Certified rescue diver (1 year)

2004 – Teacher’s university (4 years)

2010 – ”Art of Fulfillment” creative performance education (1 year)

2011 – BestTellers storytelling academy (1 year)

2011 – ”Participatory Leadership” Lund University, Sweden (1 semester)

2013 – ”Comparative Religion” study course (1 year)

2014 – Cosmo Facelift Therapist, The Lone Sorensen Institute, Spain (1 semester)

2015 – Body Therapy and Functional Training, ManuVision (2 years)

2015 – KoBiDo, Japanese facelift technique, New York and Japan (ongoing apprentice)

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  • […] Katrine May Hansen is a writer, body therapist, public speaker, and adventurer. She has just had her 3rd child and has traveled, worked, and lived all over the world with her family in the past 17 years. Currently she lives in Denmark close to her brothers and parents. […]

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