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Food class Thai Vegetarian 2015


Class of Non-Invasive Facelift Technique (NIFT)


A scarf is a scarf is a scarf photo exhibition – exhibited at City Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark


From a public event in Indonesia 2011


Speaking at an exclusive event for female leaders, Indonesia 2012

Visitkort vistaprint

Official poster for A scarf is a scarf is a scarf exhibition


Public presentation of A scarf is a scarf is a scarf (Denmark)




Katrine May Hansen (born 1979, in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a writer, artist, teacher, body therapist, mentor and entrepeneur.

She has travelled, worked and lived all over the world the past 17 years, and currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Katrine has written 3 books and appears in various magazines, with poetry, comments, articles and short stories and well as being a sought after public speaker in both Denmark and Asia.

She is a mentor for women start-ups in both Denmark, Brasil and Indonesia.

Katrine is a sought after body therapist and has her own high end clinic in the center of Copenhagen. She also travels all over the world to teach courses in massage therapy, non-invasive facelift technique, cooking, and functional training.

To contact, please write to my assistant Charlotte Rindom at lovetrust.project@gmail.com – please include topic and location in the subject line (eg. LA Literary Festival, november 2016)

If urgent ONLY, call my cell at +45 20631509

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Please note that I, at the moment is only taking high end charities or high paying jobs


Exhibitions and publications:

2010 – ”Kaleidoskop” Poetry and art (collaboration with artist Iman Suligi, Indonesia)

2011 – ”Lovetrust” poetry collection

2011 – ”November” a storytelling show with storyteller Kasper Sorensen, Denmark

2012 – Winner of the national sonet contest, staged on the Royal Danish Playhouse

2012 – ”Creative Writing” workbook of creative writing

2013 – ”A scarf is a scarf is a scarf”, photo exhibition, Copenhagen Square and other venues

2015 – Editor of ”Futuriblerne”, magazine for Future Studies

2015 – ”Stryg” novel

2016 – ”The Friend Book”, photo exhibition, Copenhagen Square (TBA)

2016 – Photo exhibition at George Town Arts Festival (august), Malaysia

2016 – ”Women’s Circle”, storytelling, Muhammadiyah University of Jember, Indonesia (TBA)


2003 – Certified rescue diver (1 year)

2004 – Teacher’s university (4 years)

2010 – ”Art of Fulfillment” creative performance education (1 year)

2011 – BestTellers storytelling academy (1 year)

2011 – ”Participatory Leadership” Lund University, Sweden (1 semester)

2013 – ”Comparative Religion” study course (1 year)

2014 – Cosmo Facelift Therapist, The Lone Sorensen Institute, Spain (1 semester)

2015 – Body Therapy and Functional Training, ManuVision (2 years)

2015 – KoBiDo, Japanese facelift technique, New York and Japan (ongoing apprentice)