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Updated joboffer for TM/PA at Lovetrust

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Dear friends

There has been a few changes to the current position offered at Lovetrust – please refer to the original offer here.

The changes as followed:

  1. The planned tour of Indonesia have been postponed untill January/February 2016, due to Mrs. Katrine’s busy schedule. The job will therefore consist of less working hours ind the beginning, but last for longer.
  2. We are looking into the possibillity of extending the Tour to include Java, Sulawesi, Bali and Papua – applicants, who have travelled these islands and know the culture will be preferred.
  3. Lovetrust and Katrine might devide the position in two jobs, where you will only be offered one.

The deadline continues to be 1’st of December 2014 – all applicants will be considered carefully and noticed within 2 weeks of this date, on the specific procedure.

Lovetrust and Katrine encourage all races, ages and genders with the needed skills and the right mindset to apply. Please note that You will be working close with both Muslim, Holistic and Christian people and a generel tolerence of all beliefs are required.

Again, please refer to the generel skills for this position needed here. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Best Regards,

Katrine and Lovetrust

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