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Joboffer to an English and Bahasa-spoken person

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Hi friends,
Since I’m planning the new tour in august/september 2015 and can’t get properly started untill I have my new TM – I’m calling out to you – I need a skilled person, who can work closely with me, my former TM and my danish assistant.


Applicants must be:

  • fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia minumim – both spoken and written
  • perfect knowledge in Word and Exell – preferably other computer skills also
  • know their way around social media
  • dedicated and good social skills and personality
  • can work independently and do things that are needed, without being told to
  • can manage their own time and get things done
  • can negotiate and speak with authorities and venue officials
  • have event marketing experience and knowledge about the Indonesian market
  • able to work from home and posses a reliable phone and internet connection
  • Hardworking and trustworthy


Job details:

  • Work 2-5 hours per week from january-july 2015
  • Work 5-10 hours per week in july-august 2015
  • Work full time as Tour Manager and Personal Assistant for Mrs. Katrine during her Tour around Indonesia approx 16 days, traveling with her and her crew
  • Work 10-15 hours post-tour, gathering data and other tasks
  • be available via internet for Mrs. Katrine and speak independently via phone or in person with authorities and venue officials
  • oversee, advise and organize merchandise production such as book printing, clothes, posters and other things


  • post-graduate students with knowledge of the university system in Indonesia
  • open-minded persons, with lots of curiosity and sense of adventure
  • a person with a personal interest in Katrine/Lovetrust
  • a person with own ideas for venues and marketing
  • a person holding a passport
  • a person who hold both positions as PA and TM with authority and skill


You will get paid for the position, however not much, considered the hours during the Tour and this position must also be seen as a learning experince and an adventure – you will get a certificate for the job done and the skills you demonstrate.
I have had the same PA and TM for the past 4 years and have been very happy with her – she has now started a family, and this is why, I am hiring a new person for this job – you will work with her in the beginning, to take over the tasks.

In the process of hiring, you will be asked to answer a line of questions, mock tasks as well as being interviewed by either my assistant or my former PA/TM

We encourage person of all races, ages and genders with the needed skills to apply!

Application must include CV and picture and all other relevantinformation – skill and creativity will be rewarded.

Please send your application to:

Any questions can be directed as comments on this note.

Application deadline is 1’st December 2014
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