TEDxCopenhagen 9 - Alternative Societies

TEDxCopenhagen 6 – Food, Nature and Health

Kirsten Ejlskov Jensen:
Running. Cancer. Running strong.
Setting a goal. Let running work it’s magic. It’s not important hos we move our bodies, but we have to move them. If you’re going through hell, keep going.
It’s not only for our psysical benefit, but just as much for our emotional strength.

Moonhound teatre.
Folk tale theatrical storytelling.
A perfect example of the storytelling problem – aspiring adult entertainment, being professional, having good stories, but failing, beacause of lacking tools for adults.

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Klaus Phannareth:
Moving healthcare to your fingertips.
With unlimited power and ressources, how would we design the perfect healthcare system?
Instant access, high quality, empowerment, health data, cohearent, no mistakes, one point of contact.
High quality healthcare in our own homes.
In reality we have none of these things.
The hospitalization paradigm… Being in a hospital makes you ill.
We will all – eventually – become patients, and this is why we have to dream of a better health care system.

Bente Klarlund:
Making more minds up to move.
Physical activity. You will have 5 more years to live and 10 more years without exersice.
Being obese is not the biggest problem, but being unfit is.
It’s better to be fit and fat than lean and lazy.
We do not move because we are told to. We move to get somewhere faster or more convenient or easier. So let’s make it easy, fast and convenient to move.

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Selina Juul:
Consumers as the new politicians.
Stop wasting food.
We throw away 25% of our food.
If we tale the food waste France, we feed the entire population of DR Congo.
Worldwide, we can feed ALL the people suffering from hunger in the world, 3 times!
Stop being a consumer zombie.

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